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Video surveillance market

It relies on specialized equipment such as cameras, cables, video recorders and monitors. For example, a video camera outputs a video signal through a dedicated coaxial cable. The cable is connected to special analog video equipment, such as video image splitter, matrix, switcher, cassette recorder (VCR) and video monitor. There are a number of limitations in the simulation of CCTV:

The limited monitoring capability supports only local monitoring and is limited by the length of the analog video cable transmission and the cable amplifier.

Systems with limited scalability are usually limited by the input capacity of video splitter, matrix and switcher.

The VCRS must be removed from the VCRS or replaced with new VCRS that are liable to be lost, stolen, or accidentally erased.

Low video quality is the main limiting factor. Video quality decreases with the number of copies.

** Generation of Video monitoring: Current "Analog-digital" monitoring system (DVR) :

"Analog - digital monitoring system based on digital hard disk video recorder DVR core analog and digital solutions, still use a coaxial cable from the camera to the DVR output video signal, through DVR support video recording and playback at the same time, and can support IP network access limited, with multifarious DVR products, there is no standard, so this generation system is standard closed system, DVR system there are still a lot of limitations.




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